But what does it all mean?



You might have seen this. You might be wondering what it means. You might – MIGHT – find out tomorrow. You never know.

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So this Friday Nuis@nce returns to the Buffalo Bar for our regular monthly Britpop boozefest. Hurrah! So, fancy a drink on us?

We’re going to pose a Britpop brain teaser each day at a random time on our Twitter account (twitter.com/nuisanceclub). The first person to tweet back with the right answer will get a free booze on Friday. Just march on up to the DJ booth and tell us your Twitter name if you’ve won and we’ll buy you a booze. Simple, no? Simple, yes. Just head on over, follow us (you’re following us already, right? RIGHT?!) and wait patiently for the killer question.

Don’t use Google though. You’re BETTER than that.


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Did this actually happen?



YES IT DID. We even made the NME! Look: http://www.nme.com/news/menswear/72078




So anyways. Watch this space. This was not a one off.


Next Nuis@nce: Friday 6th September @ The Buffalo Bar. £4 entry or £3 in advance.

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A word from our frontman

Less than one week to go before the next Nuis@nce, our completely sold-out(!!!) charity fundraising gig featuring Johnny Dean’s first gig in over 15 years. We have two rehearsals left. I’d be lying if I said the nerves weren’t kicking in. It being his first gig in that long, we don’t want to let him down, y’know? And our setlist is ambitious. There are a LOT of songs. A lot. That’s the problem with Bowie…when you’re covering someone with that many great songs, how do you whittle it down but make sure everyone goes home happy? Johnny has been blogging the experience so far. You can read it here: http://mrjohnnydean.wordpress.com

All of this is in aid of the National Autistic Society. We’ll be doing a raffle on the night, so we thought we’d get Johnny to write some words on it. So:

I want to make as much moolah as possible for the National Autistic Society. Obviously the gig will earn a bit. But I want MORE. So I have a Just Giving page for people who can’t attend the gig and want to get in my good books here http://www.justgiving.com/johnnydean.

Still, this isn’t enough, so I have devised the best raffle known to man. With the best prizes ever given away in such an event. Seriously. I’m talking well over a grand, nearly two, or maybe more in booty donated by some very generous and lovely people. Tickets will be on sale, on the night, at a bargainous £3.00 each. There will be first, second, third AND fourth prize lots. And if you win one of the top prizes I seriously recommend you get a cab home. Or hire a private security team to escort you. Bring change, lot’s of it, the more tickets you buy the luckier you’ll be!


1st Prize 

2 original prints by one of my favourite artists, Stuart Semple, signed by the man himself and worth about five hundred pounds.

A sterling silver autism awareness bracelet by Chamilia worth £580.

An awesome Bowie T-shirt by Charles of London worth £45.

2 tickets to the sold out Bowie Is exhibition donated by the V&A museum.

A Lush Cosmetics ‘Think Pink’ gift box worth £50.95.

Build-A-Bear autism awareness bear.

A Fifty Shades of Grey Beginners Bondage Set donated by Lovehoney.co.uk worth £54.99.

A necklace donated by Tatty Devine worth £40.00.


2nd Prize

A sterling silver autism awareness bracelet by Chamilia worth £550.

A £50.00 Experience Days voucher donated by experiencedays.co.uk.

A Headmasters voucher for a cut and blow dry.

A Choc Chick raw chocolate making kit worth £24.95.

An E’SPA bath oil collection.

A Lovehoney Sqweel 2 oral sex simulator (for real) worth £39.99.

A Me & Zena Bright Eyes rabbit ring worth £25.00.

A set of original Britpop prints by Steven Horry.

3rd Prize

An Angel Ramblings sterling silver jewellery set.

An E’SPA bath oil collection.

A Moonstone jewellery ring.

2 entry tickets for the new London Dungeons.

WHSmiths India jewellery roll and notebook.

An original Bowie painting by Loz Tronic.

4th Prize

2 Nanny P jewellery sets.

A Pret A Manger £10.00 voucher.

WHSmiths India notebook and purse.

2 entry tickets for the new London Dungeons.


In the run up to the show these lots are likely to change as more stuff is added. I’m sure you’ll agree how awesome all of this is, and special thanks  must go to Nikki Howes who went beyond and further in order to get a lot of these super prizes. Hurrah! I’d also like to thank all the people/companies who donated. You are beautiful people.

Just to add to that, Nikki’s work has been BEYOND superb. She’s a raffle-organising superwoman! Thanks Nikki!

Oh, and after the gig, you’ll be able to get in for the usual club after, so if you’ve not got a ticket or are going to see The Stone Roses, come down and see us after! We’ll be banging out the Britpop.


Nuisance Band20130527_0223

Photograph by Hannah Goodwin

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Johnny Dean live at Nuis@nce – advance tickets

Advance tickets for JOHNNY DEAN & THE NUIS@NCE BAND DO THE SONGS OF BOWIE (and maybe some band or other) are now on sale HERE: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/220471

Mr Dean’s first gig in 15 years. Amazing. GET ON IT!

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Team Nuis@nce are very proud to announce a very special fundraiser in aid of The National Autistic Society.

Nuisance June

Johnny Dean is back back BACK.

You know how we feel about Menswe@r – we named our club Nuis@nce for christ’s sake – so you can imagine how excited we are about this one. The June Nuis@nce will feature the first live performance by former Menswe@r frontman Mr Johnny Dean in 15 years.

“I thought Bowie was quite appropriate because 1. he owns 2013 really and 2. no other musician had as much influence on Britpop than him, not even the Beatles. He was the cloth we all embroidered on really.” – Johnny Dean

Join us on 7th June at the Buffalo Bar to celebrate the year of Bowie’s return by playing a set of our favourite Bowie songs with the frontman whose hair we all tried to duplicate. We’re also going to be raising money for a cause very close to Mr Dean’s heart; The National Autistic Society. There are over 500,000 people with autism in the UK – that’s 1 in 100. Together with their families, that’s over two million people whose lives are touched by autism every single day.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with, and relates to, other people. It also affects how they make sense of the world around them.

It is a spectrum condition, which means that, while all people with autism share certain difficulties, their condition will affect them in different ways. Some people with autism are able to live relatively independent lives but others may have accompanying learning disabilities and need a lifetime of specialist support. People with autism may also experience over or under-sensitivity to sounds, touch, tastes, smells, light or colours.
Autism is still tremendously misunderstood, and we’re proud to be able to get involved in a small way and help raise funds for a worthy cause.

In order to raise funds, we’re pushing up the price of entry for one night only with all profits going to the NAS. We’ll also be running a raffle, with tickets available on the night to win some amazing prizes donated by some very generous people, including experiencedays.co.uk, Tatty Devine, Me & Zena, Charles of London and Headmasters. Watch this space for more information….

The band will take to the stage at 9.15pm sharp, then it’ll be Nuis@nce DJs taking you through to 4am. Don’t be surprised if the set isn’t ENTIRELY Bowie covers…

About Nuis@nce
Nuis@nce DJs play Britpop. Established in Camden in 2009, they’ve spent the years since packing out the 300 capacity Monarch in Camden month in, month out, DJing at the Isle of Wight festival and playing the best of Britpop with guest DJ slots along the way from members of Menswe@r, The Bluetones, Gay Dad, The Long Blondes and XFM DJ Sunta Templeton. One year they excitedly booked Dodgy to play their birthday party and once, Luke Haines of The Auteurs came. He didn’t DJ though. He just pointed at the crowd and said to Steven Horry: “This is my legacy. And I give it to you.”

Other upcoming Nuis@nce @ The Buffalo Bar dates:
Friday 3rd May, Friday 7th June, Friday 5th July, Friday 2nd August


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Nuisance 7th June

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