There’s no other way

We can haz Britpop night.  Amazing.


It’s now on the 1st Friday of every month (that’s the 6th December this time round. CHRISTMAS PARTY!) and where the hell is it? Well, it’s here:

The Buffalo Bar
259 Upper Street
N1 1RU

Nearest tube: Highbury & Islington

We only play Britpop because most of the time, Modern Life Is Rubbish.  We open at 11pm. We close at 4am.  Between those times we get off our faces and play records.  There will be no Kasabian.  Unless they decide to turn up.  The Monarch provides the cheapest pint in the whole of Camden.  All these facts are AMAZING.

The Nuis@nce Djs are Mr Steven Horry and Mr Bobby Charlton Foster.  We do this for anyone who ever made a pilgrimage to The Good Mixer aged 15 ‘cos Trevor Baker’s older brother once saw the drummer from The Boo Radleys drinking in there.  Or who remembers the amazeballs tapes you got with Vox and Select.  And the days of yore when The Melody Maker and the NME were made out of newspaper and cost 13p.  And were good.  Technically we have ‘something very wrong’ with us, but we also have the best Britpop music collection this side of the 90’s, we’re ‘quite’ funny and we know at least 3 members of Menswe@r.  And a Mansun.

The point being, come and see us, behave like 1997 never ended, dance, drink, snog each other, wear Adidas (Gazelles or Sambas, it’s all good), listen to Gay Dad WITH PRIDE and say “YEAH IN YOUR FACE” to people who have told you to get over it.  They are idiots, those people.

Read our blogs, join our facebook, follow us on twitter – do all that stuff you couldn’t do in the 90’s but do it on your iPhone pretending that it still is the 90’s.  And get involved – we want to see your photos from back in the day and hear your stories about throwing up 6 pints of Snakebite & Black at Collide-a-Scope while your mum waited out the front to pick you up.

It’s going to be BIG. See you down the front.

We play the likes of Suede, Blur, Pulp, Elastica, Menswe@r, Gay Dad, Marion, Gene, Sleeper, Ash, Echobelly, Strangelove, Manic Street Preachers, My Life Story, Rialto, Mansun, Saint Etienne, Dubstar, Longpigs, Shed Seven, Super Furry Animals, Kenickie, Denim, Ride, Supergrass, Dodgy, The Boo Radleys, Theaudience, The Bluetones, Geneva, The Divine Comedy, Cast, Oasis, Powder, Salad, Teenage Fanclub, McAlmont & Butler, The Auteurs, Edwyn Collins, These Animal Men and all that. If it was on a Shine compilation, it’s in.

Sometimes we have special guest DJ’s. WE KNOW. EXCITING.  Previous guests have included Mark Morriss of The Bluetones, Johnny, Simon & Matt from Menswe@r, Charley Stone from Gay Dad, The Long Blondes guitarist Dorian Cox and XFM’s Sunta Templeton.  Once, Luke Haines of The Auteurs came.  He didn’t DJ though.  He just pointed at the crowd and said to Steven Horry: “This is my legacy.  And I give it to you.”

Further reading/viewing:

We don’t want no trouble.  We just want the right to be different.

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