Introducing The Band

For our 2010 Christmas party, we needed something a bit special.  And lo, in a drunken haze, it came to us:  Nuisance: The Band.  Featuring some of our DJ’s, regulars, friends and ACTUAL REAL LIFE members of Menswe@r, the Nuisance band rehearsed a set of Britpop classics and sprung them on an unsuspecting Monarch.

It was so much fun that when Pulp reformed we decided to do a whole set of Pulp songs, which in turn led to us doing the same for Blur in September and Suede at Christmas. We filmed some of it, so set up a YouTube channel at

Here are some highlights:

We Are The Pigs (December 2011)

Animal Nitrate (December 2011)

Parklife (September 2011)

Charmless Man (September 2011)

Razzmatazz (April 2011)

Do You Remember The First Time (April 2011)


Waking Up (December 2010)

Daydreamer (featuring Simon White from Menswe@r – December 2010)

I’ll Manage Somehow (featuring Simon White & Matt Everitt from Menswe@r – December 2010)

She Said (December 2010)

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