March Nuis@nce – 7th March @ The Buffalo Bar!

March 2014! Dog Man Star is 20 years old. How the FUCK did that happen? To celebrate, Suede are playing it in full at the Royal Albert Hall. Did you get tickets? Either way, to prepare yourself/make up for not being able to get one (delete as applicable) we’re having our very own little celebration at Nuis@nce. Well, it’s our favourite album, innit.


FEATURING: NUIS@NCE DJs! (obvs) playing the best of Britpop, though this time we’ll be chucking in DMS album tracks, b-sides and obscurities. Yes, we know we do this most months. But, y’know, get there early and we’ll even play some demos. And the proper full length Asphalt World.


LIVE MUSIC: ROB BRITTON & FRIENDS DO THE BEST OF DOG MAN STAR! Rob spent eight years pretending to be Bernard Butler in Luxembourg and then another six pretending to be Alex James in New Royal Family. He is in no way qualified to be playing at a Britpop night. Rob is a MASSIVE Suede obsessive. JUST LIKE US! He’s covered various Suede songs across a variety of gigs, and now we have him doing it for us. PLEASE DO THE ASPHALT WORLD. SOLO. PLEASE.


LIQUORICE RIVER: Featuring former Nuis@nce Band alumni Ross Liddle on vocals and Nuis@nce Facebook group favourite Yameen ‘OCS’ Khan on drums, Liquorice River say they’ll take us “on a journey fuelled by bitter nostalgia and sardonic sentimentality, stopping off along the way at junctions of 60s psychedelia, glam, dub, folk, indiepop, krautrock and interludes of both a cinematic and electronic nature.” Which sounds pretty fucking great to us. Listen to them at liquorice


We kick off at 8pm.

The bands start at 9pm.

We kick you out at 4am.

Entry is £4, or £3 if you confirm attendance via the Facebook event:

Nuis@nce – Friday 7th March

The Buffalo Bar

259 Upper Street, London N1 1RU

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