All Farewells Should Be Sudden

It is with a slightly surprised but incredibly heavy heart that I type this. This Friday just gone was the last Nuis@nce at the Monarch. Following on from Friday’s typically-rammed blinder, we are, alas, parting company. It’s all amicable, but the Monarch have new management and they have chosen to wipe the slate clean and launch a new weekly Friday night. We’re told bands and old-skool hip-hop are involved, which leaves no space for Strangelove b-sides and My Life Story. It’s a shame, as we have had some amazing nights and had some pretty amazing stuff lined up for March, but life goes on. We may look into moving our March plans to a new venue, but in the meantime, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting us over the last three and a half years. It’s been genuinely amazing. We made a stack of new friends and had a stack of amazing nights, had a stack of horrendous hangovers and met more of our heroes than we ever imagined possible. And which other club can claim to have dragged Johnny Dean kicking and screaming out of retirement to play an (AMAZING) DJ set?

This Friday, the 22nd, will be our last party at the Monarch; we’ll be running our Never Forget night, also for the last time. It’s free entry, so come join us and we’ll give The Monarch a proper send off. And play a load of Britpop.

Obviously if you’re reading this and are interested in a monthly club night that regularly rams out a 300-capacity venue we can be contacted via ! We’re particularly keen on finding a venue to house our exciting March plans.

In no particular order, our favourite Nuis@nce at the Monarch moments:

1. Meeting Johnny Dean: Specifically, being onstage playing Killing Of A Flashboy, being given whiskey to pass to Nuis@nce Band singer Dexy by Paul Draper out of Mansun and then Johnny Dean walking in dressed as Doctor Who. Best. Christmas. Ever.
2. Nuis@nce relationships: Steve met his wife. Half of you lot copped off with each other, there are at least two Nuis@nce babies that WE know of. There was LOVE in that room.
3. Everyone who ever made a trek from the great wildernesses outside of London to come to our little club. There were loads of you. It warmed our hearts.
4. Dodgy’s gig at our second birthday party. Weren’t they amazing?
5. The first Christmas party. Loads of our favourite musicians and singers joining us to play Britpop hits, including members of Menswe@r, Gaggle and many more.
6. Dexy singing McAlmont & Butler’s Yes on the shoulders of various regulars at the last Christmas party, and the bit when we were playing Motorcycle Emptiness and you all moshed like mentals and shouted the words back at us.
7. The night Jaime Harding turned up and was really, REALLY nice.
8. The night the guitarist from Catch turned up. WHOA!
9. The night LUKE F*CKING HAINES turned up and gestured to the dancefloor with a wave of his hand and told us: “This is my legacy. And I give it all to you.” And was genuinely charming.
10. Uh, yeah. You lot. Without being overly sentimental/embarrassing, we f*cking love you. All of you. Don’t forget us, yeah?

Mr Steven Paul Horry & Mr Bobby Charlton Foster
Bobby & Steve

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1 Response to All Farewells Should Be Sudden

  1. Momtaz says:

    Oh my!!!!
    I’ve just caught up on all this.Totally distraught …..Londinium will not be the same without you. The day I discovered Nuisance existed was the best day ever and every night there has been pure amazing!! I’m also so honoured you guys once did a ‘private set’ for me : )
    See you next week for March send off

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