What are you doing this weekend?

Well? Hmm? We have some suggestions.

On FRIDAY 31st AUGUST, Nuis@nce DJs Mr Steven Horry & Mr Bobby Charlton Foster present their 90s dance/hip-hop night NEVER FORGET at The Monarch. We kick off at 8pm and kick out at 2.30am. It really is quite good.

Then, on SATURDAY 1st SEPTEMBER, sound the *AMAZING NEW NIGHT FROM TEAM NUIS@NCE * klaxon, as we are very proud to present our exciting new club night,SOMETHING ELSE at Surya on Pentonville Road in Kings Cross. It’s going to be amazing. We kick off at 10.30am. Entry is free. We kick you out at 3am. We’re going to be playing the best of 60s & 70s psych, rock and soul. READ MORE HERE: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/428377260538166/ and come on down! DO THE DOUBLE. WE’RE GOING TO.


Watch this space for an exciting September Nuis@nce announcement. We have plans. Oh, such plans…



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