Bloody hell. 3 years, eh? Amazing. 


  • A free glass of bubbly! Its our birthday, we’re celebrating. Huzzah. It’s simple: get there before 10pm and show us some amazing Britpop artefact (or a photo of an amazing Britpop artefact if you don’t want to bring one out – we just want to make sure our regulars are looked after, innit) and we’ll give you a free glass of the bubbly stuff. WHILE STOCKS LAST AND ALL THAT. 
  • CAKE! Again, while stocks last. Last time we had a Damon & Liam cake. WHAT WILL WE DO THIS TIME?
  • BALLOONS! Well, who doesn’t love balloons?
  • PARTY POPPERS! Well, who doesn’t love etc etc.
  • NUIS@NCE DJs! Well, duh.
  • BRITPOP. Well, duh 2.

As ever, entry is free. We kick off at 8pm and we kick you out at 2.30am.  IT IS GOING TO BE AMAAAAZING! Probably. 

Facebook event here:

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