Our people went for coffee with our friends at Avery Hill Publishing’s people this week to discuss a very exciting new THING we are planning. We keep banging on about how much we miss Select and Melody Maker and Smash Hits and the NME making our fingers go all smudgy. So do you. SO! We thought “Ooh! Why don’t we do a SPECIAL! EXCITING! ONE-OFF THING! It can be just like the music magazines that we USED to read. And it can be all about Britpop. Hurrah!”

So we’re working on the first exciting Nuisance Yearbook. And we want you to get involved. Want to pitch a feature? Do you have a funny Britpop story? Do you have amazing pictures from the days when you used to stalk amazing Britpop stars? Can you draw? Have you kept any particularly exciting Britpop artefacts? Drop us an email at nuisanceclub@googlemail.com

Maybe you just want to buy the thing. AMAZING! IT WON’T BE A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME! Sign up to the mailing list below (click on the link. For some reason our webskillz are failing us and this won’t post properly. What a ballache, eh?) and we’ll keep you informed of progress. You can also help us by answering some simple questions when we get a bit further down the line. 

Myspace music player

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  1. sleet says:

    If you end up needing to purchase any photos be sure r to look me up for a discount .

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