Oh man, how good was the Christmas party? Oh, we were hungover the day after. So very, very hungover. But one thought kept us sane: we had finally, after all these years, tracked down and met Johnny Dean. HERE HE IS:

…with a very, very drunken Steven Horry and Allie Bailey.  He was a righteous dude. STILL. And he played an amazing hour long set of his favourite Britpop bangers. More pics can be found via our Facebook group. Tag thyself.

The Nuisance Xmas Party Pictures

Onwards and upwards: This weekend sees 2011 come to a sorry conclusion. To tearfully see it off whilst simultaneously welcoming 2012, Team Nuis@nce are proud to announce The Nuis@nce New Years party!

Clicky here for the Facebook event page

Hell yeah.

For one night only we’re returning to where it all began. No, not the Good Mixer. Do you remember the first time? That sweaty night with Mark Morriss on the decks in the upstairs room in The Camden Head? Well, we’re going back to celebrate the birth of 2012 by wopping out the best of Britpop while you lot all get hammered. Oh yes. What on Earth are we going to play as midnight strikes?!


Nuis@nce New Years
Upstairs @ The Camden Head
100 Camden High Street

Kick off: 8pm
Kick out: 4am

Door tax: £5

Yes, seriously, we’re rocking on through to 4am. AMAZING. And it’s an NYE celebration that is only a fiver. OM-actual-G.

Advance tickets can be bought here:


And finally…for those of you interested, here is some footage of the Nuisance Band covering Suede. Huzzah!

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