The Nuis@nce Christmas Party is this Friday.

And it’s basically going to be a belter. Taking place – as ever – at The Monarch and kicking off at 8pm, the Nuis@nce Christmas Party features:

JOHNNY DEAN DJ’ING – yup, real-life, actual Johnny Dean frontman of Menswe@r will be taking to the decks from 11.30pm to 12.30am to play a set of bangers. JOHNNY DEAN! FROM MENSWE@R ! DJ’ING! AT NUIS@NCE !

THE NUIS@NCE BAND PLAY SUEDE – We’ve done Blur, we’ve done Pulp, now it’s time for Team Nuis@nce’s favourite band in the whole wide world to get the treatment. Expect a set of massive hit singles, their even better b-sides and the odd album track at 9.45pm.

BADGES AND CAKE – It’s Christmas. It’s Johnny Dean’s 40th birthday. It’s Steven Horry’s 32nd birthday. There will be decorations. Somewhere there will be cake. Somewhere else there will be a set of limited edition Johnny Dean badges. Well, we made some Simon White ones when he DJ’d, so it’s only fair.

AN EXTRA HOUR – Assuming you lot keep drinking, The Monarch is licensed for a whole extra hour. We’re supposed to be going to see Shed Seven on Saturday night, so don’t let us go too crazy, right?

And it’s STILL free entry.

Amazing, no?

Amazing, yes.

Facebook event HERE:!/events/236521576407048/

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2 Responses to The Nuis@nce Christmas Party is this Friday.

  1. momtaz says:

    I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!! can’t wait, can’t wait…..but who knew Jonny was 40??? 40????

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