Do you remember the second time?

Did you manage to get tickets for Pulp at Brixton Academy?!

The Nuisance band are to make a rare outing to Shoreditch…join us on 23rd July, where we’ll be playing a 45 minute set of Pulp hits including – if we can pull it off – something a little bit special for anyone feeling a bit Hardcore.


Doll up in your favourite retro get-ups and tings. The 90’s have landed at Concrete.

Playing live are the mighty Nuisance Pulp cover band and DJ’s TbG v BttF playing all of your favourite 90s tunes including the best of best of Take That, The Real McCoy, Snap, Outhere Brothers, Proclaimers, Spice Girls(obvs), Phats & Smalls, Nirvana, Blur, Aswad, Doop, 2 Unlimited, Jamiroquai, Bitty McClean, Peter Andre, Haddaaway, Kylie Minogue, East 17, Dr Dre, Sybil & loads more.

Entry is £5, Nuisance onstage at 11pm.

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