Things I have learnt from Nuis@nce band rehearsals….

As you know, we’ve been rehearsing a Britpop covers band for the Nuis@nce Christmas party for the last couple of months or so. Here are some things I have learnt from those rehearsals…

I really, really can’t sing Blur’s For Tomorrow.  It’s WELL out of my range.  All is not lost, however: I know a man who can.

Patrick Barrett does the best Brett Anderson impression ever.  Hearing him sing “You’re tyking me oh-vah” a couple of weeks back STILL makes me smile.

The chords and guitar tab you find online is generally wrong.  But then so is ‘official’ sheet music.  I’m looking at you, the sheet music for To Earth With Love that I bought back in ’98.

Speaking of To Earth With Love, Gay Dad used to spend hours working on getting the right feel for the swing style outro.  Grant Purser nailed it first time.

If you play the chords to I’ll Manage Somehow quite slowly, they sound a bit Hendrix-y.

The singer from Phoenix might have copped an onstage move or two from the frontman of a much loved Britpop band whose frontman is known to Team Nuisance as one of the nicest men in indie.

Menswear took that frontman’s band on a night out in Soho when they were celebrating having signed their record label.  They didn’t seem to like the ‘Swear boys that much.

As a consequence, whenever Phoenix play London, they add this band to the guestlist for a chuckle.  Allie Bailey and I are definitely rocking up to the next Phoenix show and declaring ourselves to be this band.

The guitarist in Salad who wasn’t Charley Stone liked a good shout. Very loud he was too.

Menswear’s Daydreamer is subtley influenced by the Doobie Brothers.  FACT.

Jo Bevan is very good at the Louise Wener look-at-the-ceiling move.

Louise Wener herself once tried to poach one of our guests to join a post-Sleeper band she was putting together.

A certain Divine Comedy song sounds pretty awesome when sung by two girls.

Beware: if you use an organ sound on Girls & Boys it sounds well Phoenix Nights.

Steven Horry

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