We’ll Manage Somehow.

Cold innit?


So over the last year or so Nuisance has gone from being ‘not bad actually’ to being super massive fun times. Thanks dear friends, for it is you that are helping myself and Horry with what we thought was our delusion that a Britpop club night was indeed, a ‘good idea’.


I would like to think we are directly responsible for the reformation of Pulp, the NME Britpop special and Matt Everett being the most popular memeber of the 6music team, but we are responsible for none of these things. We are however responsible for a multitude of hangovers, losing a whole book of CDs, people waking up in bed with other people they have never met before on a Saturday morning, blowing speakers and The Monarch not going bust (sort of). Another of myself and Horrys hairbrained schemes was hatched in the Good Mixer (of course) a few months back and involved having a live band play for the Nuisance Christmas special. We get the BEST ideas when we’re half cut (Simon White badges and reforming Mansun anyone?)


Horry has been hard at work rehearsing what can only been described as a Britpop Ubergroup, the likes of which has never been seen before. It makes Me Me Me look like The Wanted to be honest. And on the 17th December at approximately 8.30pm they shall take to the stage and perform for YOU my friends, for free, playing all the greatest Britpop hits you never thought you would hear played live again. There are some special guests and some super special guestsm and of course the normal bangers played after by myself and Horry. But one man is missing. One man could change everything. We need Dean.

“I don’t like the sound of it. It sounds ominous. What is it?”


Do I need to say ANYTHING else?!  You know what to do…..See you down the front!


Allie Bailey


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