“You do realise…”

Allie did the introductions in her entry, so I don’t need to add anything, do I?  No?  Good.  To be honest, she’s covered most of the important stuff and I fear I shall sound like a dork.


My friend Helen MacBain is a MASSIVE Britpop obsessive.  She owns a Suede mobile.  You know, those dangly things that you hang above babies cots to pacify the whinging brats.  A Suede mobile featuring the sleeve artwork of the first album and the first three singles, no less.  It’s incredible.  In fact, I was once very drunk at her house one night and took a picture:


See?  Best.  Tat.  Ever.  Anyways.  She once lent me a brilliant Menswe@r VHS tape with some interviews, all the promo videos and some live footage.  I think it was a fan club thing.  Whatever – it was a very special item.  I’m notoriously bad at returning things I’ve borrowed, but I was finally ready to give it back.  I took it with me to the Rough Trade Pop Quiz one night to do so but couldn’t be bothered to carry my satchel, so there was I, wandering around a pub in 2009 carrying a Menswe@r VHS tape.  Such an astonishing artifact obviously attracted attention, so I ended up in a couple of conversations with various friends and friends of friends about the under-rated amazingness of Menswe@r.  One of these friends of friends was a bearded fellow who listened indulgently while I rambled on about how brilliant I thought they were when I was 15, my failed attempts to get a Johnny Dean haircut, being one of the elite few that owns the ultra-rare-only-ever-released-in-Japan-but-actually-rather-good second album Hay Tiempo, and how it still kinda pisses me off that I never saw them live.  I then carried on getting drunk, focussed on the serious business of winning the pop quiz and thought no more of it.  An hour or so later, a sniggering acquaintance stopped me on my way to the gents.  “You do realise,” he said “that that was Chris Gentry?”





The contents of that VHS have been rather helpfully uploaded to YouTube.  Part three kicks off with The One, which I still maintain should have been a single.  Enjoy!

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