Introducing The Band

So blogs are hard to start when you’ve come in from nothing ain’t they? Don’t want to do the introduction thing because it’s boring and I am quite sure nobody cares or needs to knows the times and fails of the Allie Bailey. Most of you probably know most of them already. But I still feel there is some explaining to do….so the abridged history goes something like this…..


I grew up in Bournemouth, loved Take That, they split up. Moved on to Oasis and Blur, got a job in Our Price, decided I wanted to work in the music industry and a monster was literally born.


There was this club in Bournemouth called Xtreme. It was AMAZING. I first went there when I was about 14. (BECAUSE MY PARENTS WERE SPLITTING UP OK??) I was so fucked on vodka that I had to go straight to the toilets, (which had no doors) and throw up. I continued doing exactly the same thing 3 nights a week for the next 3 years because it was ace. This was about 1995, so Britpop was at its height and it was all they played – I was totally obsessed – Xtreme was literally my second home. Some really dark shit went down in there but I LOVED it, and the company was brilliant, Jamie Klaxon, Eddie Art Brut and Matt Bloc Party were all regulars. I did a lot of growing up in there. In every possible way. I have that club to thank for the extreme liver damage I am working on making worse to this day….


Then, one Sunday afternoon, by the second stage at Glastonbury in about 1998, something terrible happened. I bumped into my friend Pip whilst watch Kula Shaker (OF COURSE). He uttered the horrific words “Next week is the final week of Xtreme – its becoming a Spanish nightclub”. What a load of shit. Time to move to London.


I went to Goldsmiths. Because Blur did. I lived on New Cross Road. Because Alex James did. I hung out in Camden because EVERYONE did. I still worked in a record shop. Because I was poor and I liked skinny boys with big hair. And the obsession continued even though Britpop was pretty much dead and buried by that point. Time passed, I did some stupid stuff, and somehow I kind of forgot about it. Then I started working for a major label and concentrating on the now rather than the then. Sad times.


Then one day I met Steve Horry. It was amazing. He was more of a Britpop geek than me! He had Hay Tiempo on CD! This was BRILLIANT. The obsession was back, as was most of my free time now I was single. Plus I was working in the industry and managing a band so I was meeting all sorts of people, including ex members of Britpop bands, ex Britpop managers, ex musicians, people who knew other people etc etc. We decided to start Nuis@nce – a monthly clubnight where people who were a bit weird like us could go and dance to just Britpop without having Kasabian thrown on every 10 mins or feeling like a paedophile (see Afterskool tales for examples of this). Our first one was at the Camden Head last June. It was very hot and very sweaty and Mark Morriss DJ’d. Then we moved on to The Monarch. That’s where we live now.


So that’s it basically. My literal favourite current hobby is trying to get Britpop bands back together. This has lead to all sorts of ‘hilarity’ ensuing, including one bass player threatening to ‘call the police’ if I emailed again NOT IN A JOKEY WAY, me being slagged off on Facebook by members of Menswe@r for getting a question wrong on a pub quiz, and an incident at Reading Festival I would rather forget to be honest. But I won’t forget it, I’ll tell you it. All in good time.


Allie Bailey


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